"Wireless connections that empower your lifestyle."

A wireless router eliminates the need for any ethernet cables, allowing for a more flexible working atmosphere for your team. These days, using a wireless internet connection to continue to do business has become the new norm.
Choosing a wireless connection as per your need and requirement is not at all easy nowadays due to the availability of a wide variety of plans.
If you're interested in upgrading your business space with a wireless router, our team will be happy to guide you on what is the best for your business. Feel free to reach out to us!
Wireless connect
This is an outstanding solution for customers who are looking for an alternate connectivity at there premises or at a virtual premise until they are having a dedicated connectivity or a dedicated office. So the buzz word is “in the meantime” and bits & BYTE well understands that while the change is taking place and a fibre line is getting installed, there should be a solution fast deployed and which solves the purpose. This is Data over SIM- a 3G/4G line where we have multiple Data packages for our customers. We also have a provision to offer our customers a dedicated portal for wireless connects, to check data usage and other associated parameters. 

It is also a managed solution and our NSOC monitors it with integrated partner portal. We are in process of deploying a platform where our portal directly provides the feed to our partner solution on wireless connects.
Key Features:

Easy Installation

Sharing data is Easier


Wider reach