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Networking Solution
Our Managed Network Services enable you to maintain control of your network strategy - while our certified networking experts closely monitor day-to-day network operations, manage maintenance, upgrades, and respond to any network interruptions with a super-quick turnaround time. Whatever extent and level of network management you require along with the growth of your business, 
we efficiently deliver the highest levels of proactive support - all while you save unnecessary IT hours and needless capital expenses.
Managed Services
Network Design & Implementation
Wireless Network
Monitoring Services
Managed Services

bits&BYTE Managed Network Services (MNS) allows you to outsource your day-to-day network management support for PC's, Servers, LAN's & WAN's. This creates a reliable and efficient network allowing you to focus on your core business. Using the global approach, we are able to perform Installations, Moving, Additions and Changes in your infrastructure ensuring worry-free network, services and application availability. Managed Network Services supports your business by providing 24/7 monitoring, failure response and resolution process including coordination with third party warranty providers and ISP's. Oversee network performance, pinpoint problem areas, reduce network outages and improve response and repair times; Bits and BYTE is the leading provider of Managed Network Services in the Philippines.

With Managed Network Services, you benefit from the skill and technical knowledge of our Onsite Technical Services team. We ensure the availability of your IT systems to your selected SLA with a money back guarantee if we do not deliver. Our dedicated servers monitors the performance of your network and for any sign of trouble. Onsite Technical Support and Help Desk Support are just a phone call away in case any performance issues arise. Bits and BYTE Managed Network Services provides pre-emptive software and firmware upgrades to servers, desktops, laptops and network devices. It's clear cost efficiency and affordability gives you greater budget control and lower network operating costs. MNS solutions include 24/7 monitoring, firewall management, VPN, intrusion detection, virus scanning, website security assessment, applet scanning, content inspection and URL blocking.
We design and provide support services to clients existing ITIL or ISO 17799 standards and SLAE's

Overview of Bits and BYTE Managed Network Services:

  • 24 X 7 monitoring, failure response and resolution process
  • 24 X 7 On Call Support & Help Desk Support
  • Onsite technical support
  • Pre-emptive software and firmware upgrades to Servers, Desktops & Network devices
  • Security maintenance & management
  • Liaison with third party warranty providers & ISP's
  • Weekly & Monthly reporting against SLA with recommended actions to ensure your key IT infrastructure continues to meet or exceed your chosen SLA requirements.
Network Design & Implementation

Many vendors could install your network equipment's and even establish connections between locations, but what really creates a difference is seamless implementation - without errors and faults. bits&BYTE brings in this much needed professional touch and hardcore customer orientation that clients need.  focuses not only on installing a network, but securing, documenting and fine-tuning a network to provide the highest level of performance, security, stability and reliability.

With bits&BYTE's experienced team of network technology specialists, customers receive attention from trained professionals skilled in addressing all hardware, software, and security needs. Our network engineers work closely with our security professionals to find the best solutions for implementing secure networks. bits&BYTE is experienced in efficient implementation of a wide variety of network topologies, along with a variety of computer platforms and software applications.

Whether you have a small network of computers or a vase network spread across multiple locations in different geographic areas, bits&BYTE can help you design and implement an efficient network solution to suit your requirements.

Wireless Network

Wireless LAN performance and network planning have become a pretty complex job to accomplish due to invisibility and uncertainties of RF propagation. Proper planning enables critical applications to run at peak performance and keeps sensitive data secure - be it investing in a new 802.11n WLAN network, migrating from a legacy 802.11 a/b/g WLAN network or using a mixed environment. bits & BYTE offers a comprehensive set of managed Wireless Network Services that cover the entire wireless implementation lifecycle - planning, design, site survey, installation, configuration, and security. This benefits customers by optimization of WLAN performance without incurring unnecessary capital expenditure and minimizing help desk calls from irate clients. It maximizes performance of critical applications while securing the network from wireless threats.

Our services include:

  • RF Planning
  • Onsite Live Survey
  • Wireless Security Audit
  • WLAN Product Selection
  • Wireless Installation, maintenance and support
Monitoring Services

Bits&BYTE Network Monitoring Services offers a proactive approach when it comes to monitoring the performance of your computer network. Based on pre-agreed conditions, time, or severity of the event, bits&BYTE notifies you when you're close to exceeding your thresholds. This unparalled monitoring and reporting capability allows you to plan ahead to prevent unscheduled downtimes and increase availability. 2 hour outage on an 80 user network costs 160 man-hours of lost time and production - the equivalent of a man month! Plan ahead and prevent network downtime with Bits and BYTE Network Monitoring Services.
Monitor and be notified of network failures and threats

In the current scenario, next generation switching and routing solutions really need to be adopted to accommodate the continuously increasing traffic due to the introduction of new broadband services on access networks. Networks are under too high pressure to accommodate this increased traffic driven by bandwidth-intensive services and the growing volume of subscriber-driven content being uploaded to the web.

With its next-generation technology prowess, bits&BYTE helps to maintain service levels by preventing the networks from getting overloaded with traffic. bits&BYTE helps the system to quickly adapt to traffic patterns that are in constant flux by routing the traffic through the best available option - thus making the networks truly agile and reconfigurable.

Security Solutions

Our managed security services eliminate the ongoing critical task of staying updated with the most advanced security technologies. Fueled by our technology and business insights into customers just like you, we customize our managed security services to suit them to your business needs. Our managed security services extend your resources to effectively tackle new security threats so you can focus on your core business issues and plan your strategic IT initiatives.

Cloud networking solutions
Global solutions

How safe your Network, Web Server and Corporate Data?

Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing can assist you in security and maintain a secure ISO I7799, PCI-DSS or HIPAA compliant network. A Penetration Test (Pentest) is a controlled security review conducted by an independent security professional who attempts to break into a client's computer system. A Penetration Tester employs the same tools and techniques as real intruders, but a Penetration Tester does not damage the systems or attempt to steal information. A Penetration Tester reports on the vulnerabilities that were found and recommend the ways that they can be fixed.

External Penetration Testing

An External Penetration Test or an Infrastructure IP Penetration Test focuses on server penetration testing, router penetration testing, operating system installation and maintenance. An infrastructure penetration test is performed against your companies nominated Public IP's across one or more ISP's. These findings will determine how an attacker would use that information to compromise your IT Security.

Application Security Assessment

We will analyze the critical components of a Web-based portal, e-commerce application, or Web platform. Using manual techniques and hundreds of appropriate tools the assessment pinpoints specific vulnerabilities and identifies underlying problems.

On-Site Security Assessment

Internal on-site penetration testing gives the business the assurance it needs to conduct safely on the internet and with business partners. Internal assessments use a similar methodology to an external assessment, however the engagement will occur from within the WAN at each logical management zone, physical segment or simply attached to the DMZ.

On-Site Security Assessment

An attacker will visit a site on a periodic basis; see if there is a new way to break into your system. If they find a way, they will leave a way to get in at a later date. The end result, you will be attacked and the ferocity is only limited by the skill of the attacker. Current security providers will traditionally perform an assessment for a given period of time (two weeks) once a year. The problem is that you are safe for that two week period, and then left unprotected for the remaining 50 weeks. Our Proactive Penetration Testing monitors changes and alerts you about them on a daily basis!

Working as a precursor for a complete Disaster Recovery Plan, a Network Audit is about taking stock of all the hardware and software assets of a company. This identifies your IT assets, where they are located, who is using them and their configurations. The Network Audit report is essential for network documentation and PCI-DSS, FDCC, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA audit compliance.

bits & BYTE is the leading Managed Network Services (MNS) provider that utilizes network auditing to evaluate network assets and benchmarks.
All of bits & BYTE engineers are certified by the best-of-breed IT Vendors for network services and IT infrastructure. We are expertly qualified to assess the hardware and software used by a company for their business operations. bits & BYTE provides an in-depth report containing a list of all your IT hardware and software complete with their settings, configurations, location, vendors used and the network set-up.
bits & BYTE network audit service analyzes the performance metrics of your network elements in order to identify utilized network elements, benchmark network performance and assess overall network health. We will also make recommendation where necessary in comparison to your current and future needs.