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Global VNO
We provide entire range of Networking, Security and customized IT solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Bits and BYTE IT Consulting was founded by an entrepreneurial group of lifelong experienced and successful IT professionals. Our focus is to simply apply IT solutions to challenging and complex business issues.

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Network security services

Network & Security

Our Managed Network Services enable you to maintain control of your network strategy - while our certified networking experts closely monitor..

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Server and Storage solutions

Server & Storage

Our solutions enable customers meet all of their Storage support needs. Our Storage solutions are designed to optimize performance.,

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Consulting and Advisory solutions

Consulting & Advisory

Detailed Assessment of Network Configuration and Performance As computers and applications are changed in a complex network.,

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Global Internet solutions

Global Internet

We are providing managed services and reselling network services from other telecom suppliers that own their infrastructure.,

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Cloud storage solutions


We start by Evaluating your on-premise IT Infrastructure application footprint and business practices, technical capabilities.,

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SD-WAN connectivity


Our SD-WAN solutions provide a more reliable, efficient, and secure way to connect multiple locations and remote sites.

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Our Managed Network Services enable you to maintain control of your network strategy - while our certified networking experts closely monitor day-to-day network operations, manage maintenance, upgrades, and respond to any network interruptions with a super-quick turnaround time. Whatever extent and level of network management you require along with the growth of your business, we efficiently deliver the highest levels of proactive support - all while you save unnecessary IT hours and needless capital expenses.

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IT infrastructure services
Cybersecurity solutions

"We provide connectivity with security over the top and as a top priority. We understand the speed required to run business critical applications and equally understand the need of access security. We provide access policies, malware protection, identity service, data loss protection, sensor, email and web security by deploying our device at the client site. We also perform network audits and secure designs as per the requirement"

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Data center solutions
Our experts in Consulting and Advisory team have managed to deliver the core network Design by seamless coordination with multiple teams and applied best practices, increasing the efficiency by 63% and reducing the cost by 38%
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Network & Security Experts

Network & Security specialists to meet specific Business requirements

100% Automation

Streamline & Automate Business for smooth operations

50+ Storage & Systems experts

Storage & Systems specialists to meet specific Business requirements

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOp specialists to meet specific Business requirements

Significant Achievement

bits & BYTE empowers customers to realize the maximum value from their IT infrastructure investments through smart IT strategies, seamless implementation, and sincere support. We work closely with our customers to help them achieve operational agility, efficiency, and accelerate their business transformation through niche technologies.

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