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We offer a committed bandwidth with no contention and a dedicated stringent service level agreement. Dedicated line is also bundled with a pool of Global Public IPs and a Modem/Router which has minimum of 1 WAN port. These lines carry a high grade Service Level Agreement. We also offer a back up solution of similar or lower bandwidth parameters, as per requirement. These lines are delivered on fiber. In few regions where fiber coverage is not available, our partners deploy a reliable LTE Wireless Solution with similar SLA and other service parameter. Mainly used as a primary service or a parallel one for our customers. Though Dedicated Line is the no contention bandwidth service but it is possible that the cabling at the end customer site might be a reason for copper and other losses preventing the quality of service. bits & BYTE checks the quality parameters till its modem, but in case the client requires end to end testing, we do perform with pre-permissions to the premises.


Dedicated Bandwidth

DIA provides a dedicated and exclusive bandwidth connection to the customer, ensuring consistent and reliable internet speeds without being affected by other users' activities.

Symmetrical Speeds

DIA typically offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, allowing for efficient data transfers in both directions. This is particularly important for businesses that require fast upload speeds for activities like video conferencing, cloud backups, and data transfers.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

DIA often comes with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees specific performance metrics, such as uptime, latency, and packet loss. SLAs ensure a higher level of service quality.


Dedicated internet access allows for easy scalability, enabling businesses to adjust their bandwidth requirements as needed. It offers flexibility to accommodate increased network traffic, expansion of operations, and the addition of new users or services.

24/7 Technical Support

DIA often comes with dedicated technical support that is available around the clock to address any issues promptly and ensure quick resolution of connectivity problems.


Reliable and Consistent Performance

High-Speed Connectivity

Enhanced Security

Scalability and Flexibility

Improved Performance for Critical Applications


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